Senior Management

David Morgan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eric Sprague

Chief Financial Officer

John Hoyt

Managing Director, DW Morgan (HK) Ltd.

Business Leaders

Don Overly

VP, Sales

Ken TurnbUll

VP, Sales

Pamela Peglar

Director, Operations Americas


Director, Asia Pacific Operations

MissiOn and Culture

Be the Best. We offer superiority and leadership in responsive supply chain services and technology. We find solutions; we don’t leave problems unresolved.


Partner with the Best. We seek long-term partnerships with clients, vendors and staff members who share our vision and have the commitment and skill to deliver it. We value those relationships and demonstrate our appreciation.


Be Confident. We are confident in our success, as we have a long record of achievement and bringing high value to our customers. We believe that failure in any of our activities is never an acceptable option. We are passionate about obtaining our goals.


Be Trustworthy. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct.


Cherish the Customer. We work to gain customers for life. We demonstrate our commitment to them continuously.


Be Fast and Nimble. We know our competition and surpass them. We clearly understand and satisfy our customers. Despite professional management practices and controls, we retain our entrepreneurial spirit. We will take informed risks to maintain the growth and forward positioning of our company.


Be Strategic. We maintain a big-picture focus. The tactical details of our business change and must never distract us from our larger business mission.


Be Prudent. We run our business for long-term growth and profit.

It is our mission to provide world-class transportation and logistical services.


We use our core capabilities in managing transportation and information along with our supply chain consulting expertise, to unlock hidden value, flexibility and efficiency in our clients’ businesses and across their vast networks of suppliers and customers.

When we succeed at this mission, consumers around the world get exactly the goods they want – faster, cheaper and with less waste. In turn, our clients profit by serving needs more efficiently.

Because we serve business leaders, we expect to be leaders ourselves – in our company, in our industry and in our community.