D.W. Morgan has gone beyond just seizing opportunities on its own behalf. As the company has grown, it has worked aggressively to benefit its partners, the diversity community and the regions in which it operates.

These Corporate Sustainability Reports outline the social, environmental and economic aspects of our operations, our key performance metrics and goals, and our commitments for the future.


Morgan is committed to diversity in its supplier base. We believe that diverse backgrounds and skills make for better and more resilient solutions in a global marketplace.

As the company has spread to many world regions, it has sought out diversity partners at home and abroad. It’s a particular source of pride to be able to contribute to raising up historically, underrepresented and oppressed groups. Morgan holds itself responsible to build its own diversity spend both in the U.S., where that spend is reportable, and internationally. learn more


Good corporate citizenship practices help improve the communities in which we operate, build trust–and they exemplify what it means to be a responsible business leader.

The company supports a broad array of initiatives, with a particular focus on children, social services, education and minority business development. learn more


D.W. Morgan has made sustainability a strategic priority for our company. Our green mission is to lead sustainability practices in the transportation industry with our company as an example. We measure our environmental impact and encourage adoption of green best practices. We share our results to raise awareness and engage our employees, customers, and vendors in our improvement efforts. learn more

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